Introduction into Doing Statistics in Excel

Introduction into Doing Statistics in Excel

Author: Andrew Gabel

After you complete this course, you will be able to:

- How to locate functions in Excel for statistics

- How to apply functions two different ways

- Applying Data Analysis add-on to your Excel

- Performing statistical analysis with Data Analysis

(Examples and Helpful sites) 

During this course, we will be looking into the basics, as well as some of the advanced techniques, of doing statistics in Excel. By the end of this course, you should know some of the built in functions that you can use in Excel for statistics. In addition, you will learn about the add-on called "Data Analysis". 

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Playing with Statistics on Excel

In this video, you will be learning the basics of how to use excel for statistical purposes. When you go through this video, you will find where the statistical functions are located at, as well as how to write a function in a cell that will call upon the function. It is recommend that you do full screen to get the best visual to see what is going on.

We will also learn about "Data Analysis" that is an optional add on for Excel.

Example of some Statistical use on Excel

We are going to go over some examples of how to use statistics in Excel.

Helpful Links

Here is a guide of helpful links on statistical tools you can use on Excel.

Microsoft Office and "Data Analysis" tool:


Complete list of Excel statistical functions:


Now go and practice!

You made it!

Now take what you have learned, and apply it to your own statistical needs.