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Introduction to Arguments

Introduction to Arguments

Author: Glenn Kuehn

In this lesson, students will distinguish between an argument and a non-argument.

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Source: Image of Socrates, Creative Commons, http://bit.ly/29ZntMM

Notes on “Introduction to Arguments”

(00:00 – 00:17) Introduction

(00:18 – 00:42) Content of Tutorial

(00:43 – 01:30) Elements of Arguments

(01:31 – 02:29) Factual Claims

(02:30 – 04:04) Inferential Claims

(04:05 – 04:56) Non-Inferential Claims

(04:57 – 06:25) Examples

(06:26 – 06:57) Summary

  • Inferential Claim

    A claim that the premises support the conclusion

  • Factual Claim

    A claim that some fact or facts obtain in the world

  • Argument

    A group of statements containing both a factual claim or claims and an inferential claim or claims