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Introduction to Chemical Kinetics

Introduction to Chemical Kinetics

Author: carolyn fruin

Learning Targets:

  • I can give the correct units to describe the rate of a reaction.
  • I can describe the rate as the rate of disappearance of reactant or the rate of appearance of product   Watch your signs because -delta[Reactants] = delta[Products].
  • I can list three ways to speed up a reaction
    1 - increase the concentration of reactants
    2 - increase the temperature of the reaction
    3 - add a catalyst
  • I can describe a catalyst as a substance that speeds up a reaction without getting used up and cite examples of catalysts
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Textbook Reading - Reaction Rates

This is the assigned reading for reaction rates. Keep track of the following ideas as you read: (perhaps notes would be a good idea)
1) At the molecular level, describe what a reaction is.
2) Use a molecular model to illustrate a reaction.
3) How is reaction rate measured?
4) What affects the reaction rate?
5) Why does the rate of reaction change during the course of a reaction?
6) What is an effective collision?
7) Draw and label a reaction profile (potential energy diagram) for both an exothermic and endothermic reaction.
8) Why are all reactions not instantaneous? This encompasses several ideas – effective collisions, energy, number of particles, etc.



Power Point - Introduction to Reaction Rates

An introduction to collision theory and factors that affect the rate of a reaction.

Source: pearson education

Cornell Notes - Chemical Kinetics

Basic definitions and explanations of collision theory and reaction rates.


Computer Tutorial - Reaction Rate

Use this tutorial to learn about reaction rates. It includes several examples for practice.


Source: W. W. Norton & Company

Power Point - Introduction to Reaction Rates (with more detail)

Similar information in this power point as in previous but with a greater depth of detail.

Video: Introduction to Kinetics

This video describes in detail why chemical reactions occur and what conditions affect whether or not a reaction will occur and how fast this reaction will occur.

Source: KhanAcademy

Reaction Rates

This video introduces the idea of rate and how we use the concentration of reactants or products to determine the speed of a reaction.

Source: chemistNATE youtube channel