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Introduction to Chemistry

Introduction to Chemistry

Author: Susan Venegas

Students will be able to:

Define chemistry.

Describe the two components of matter.

Differentiate and give examples of the five branches of chemistry

Compare and Contrast pure chemistry and applied chemistry.

Define technology.

Introduction to Chemistry

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Chapter 1.1,The Scope of Chemistry page 13 - 16

Chapter 1.2, Chemistry and You, page 25 (technology)

Introduction to Chemistry

Practice your vocabulary

Use Quizlet to practice your vocabulary words.

In class assessment

(1) Use Figure 1.2 on page 15 of your text to define 5 areas of study.  Give two examples of each area. Use one from the figure.

(2) Complete Lesson 2 Assessment (MC) on page 19 of your text be prepared to answer any of those questions in a quiz tomorrow.

(3) Answer Question 4 on page 20