Introduction to Decimals.

Introduction to Decimals.

Author: James Hart

Overall objectives:

  • Use decimal notation to represent tenths and hundredths.
  • Introduce the correct terminology used when operating and problem solving using decimals.
  • Compare, order and represent decimals.

This is an introductory tutorial. 

The focus is to record, represent and compare decimals to two places. (Basic mathematics,)

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Introduction slideshow.

A short introduction to decimals.

Understanding decimals visually.

Use grid 1cm grid paper to create a 10 by 1o chart.

Allow the students to shade in 60 hundredths, then use iThoughts to brainstorm ideas for class discussion.


Conclusion using Creative Book Builder.

After the class discussion allow the students to design and create a beginners handbook that would best assist new students to understand how decimals operate.

The students publish and share their books with younger students.