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Introduction to Developing Effective Teams

Introduction to Developing Effective Teams

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Introduction to Developing Effective Teams

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Developing Effective Teams

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what's covered
For this course, Lesson 1 through Lesson 5 will include topics related to bringing the right people on board. This lesson will introduce the basics of developing effective teams. Specifically, it will cover:
  1. Developing Effective Teams
    1. Hiring the Right Talent
    2. Interview and Onboarding Process

1. Developing Effective Teams

For years, healthcare leadership and executives have struggled to attract the right talent for their organization. As the competition for talent rages on, some organizations are starting to think outside of the box.


In many industries, analytical skills are in high demand but are hard to find. Healthcare organizations in search of these skill sets are starting to look at non-traditional fields and positions. Using non-traditional searches will help in nearly all career fields.

Second, the Millennial generation is growing in the workforce. To attract younger workers, the companies, their practices, and their cultures must be appealing to Millennials. With companies finding it difficult to fill critical positions and Millennials not finding jobs that meet their needs, this does not seem to be the case. There are ways to resolve the imbalance by building the right talent, enhancing the employee value proposition, and thinking outside the box.

1a. Hiring the Right Talent
When it comes to hiring the right talent, it is important to offer employees a value proposition that emphasizes flexible work opportunities, technology improvements, social and environmental involvement, and career growth options for all position types.

Re-energizing the organization, brand, and recruiting materials, while also using culture to portray a fun, vibrant, and challenging work environment appeals to all ages of the workforce. The latest recruitment methods, such as apps, video interviewing, and onboarding portals, are additional tactics that are recommended for improving talent acquisition.

1b. Interview and Onboarding Process
Developing an effective team begins with the interview and onboarding process. Choosing the right applicant for your team should be done with consideration and time.

Healthcare and organizations within the industry can be fast-paced and chaotic. According to Kowalski (2018), to meet the high standards of care quality and patient-centered care, it is critical to have an effective team that is collaborative, smooth-functioning, and inter-professional. To develop an inter-professional team, the healthcare industry must hire professionals that support the mission, vision, values, and purpose of the organization through problem-solving, navigation, prevention, reform, and with the expertise of the industry to lead the way (Kowalski).

Effective leaders guide each member to succeed at his/her assigned tasks, collaborate on projects, respect individual and cultural differences while holding each other accountable, and recognize team members for jobs well done.

Authored by Kerrie Roberson, DHA, MBA, MSN, BSN, RN-BC, CMSRN, WAAD