Introduction to Drama Terms

Introduction to Drama Terms

Author: Karen Plummer

In this lesson, you will review or become familiar with vocabulary terms that are a part of any discussion regarding theater, drama, or even film and television (in certain instances).

You will learn the definition of these terms, their pronunciation, and be able to find examples of them in dramatic works you know already.

Before beginning our unit on Ancient Greek Drama and Sophocles' play Antigone, we need to first be able to speak the common language of the theater.  In some cases, theater terms have become a part of standard, everyday English, and you may know them already.  In other cases, these words will be totally new to you, or the definitions you have previously learned do not apply when the word is used in a theater-related setting.

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Drama Vocabulary

Use this presentation to complete your vocabulary notes for the beginning of Unit 5: Drama

Source: Karen Plummer 2015

Drama Vocabulary Practice Sheet

Complete this form AFTER you have viewed the presentation.

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Source: Pearson Education Unit 5 Resources

Video for Introduction to Drama

Watch this video as an introduction to Ancient Greek Drama

Source: National Theater of Britain