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Introduction to Geometric Proof

Introduction to Geometric Proof

Author: Alex G

Student will learn the structure of a flow proof.

Student will learn the structure of a statement-reason (two-column) proof.

Meant as an introduction to constructing geometric proofs, both in the flow proof style and the two-column, or statement-reason style. As an introductory lesson this packet only includes short proofs with some of the basic structure provided.

Cover art of a labyrinth was taken from the Morgue File website which grants permission for use of its images.

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The Proof

This packet shows a flow proof and a statement-reason proof (sometimes called two-column proof) for the following proof.

Geometric Proof: What is it?

Discusses how geometric proof is different from mathematics up until this point. Compares the process of constructing a geometric proof to working your way through a maze.

Flow Proof Example

This example of a flow proof is meant as an introduction to the format of geometric proof. The structure of the proof, as well as a list of reasons are given to the student for this introductory proof.

Statement Reason (Two Column) Example

This is the same proof as above, but it is presented in the statement-reason format. It is meant as introduction to the two-column proof format.