Introduction to Gesture Drawing

Introduction to Gesture Drawing

Author: Jim Pappas

Students will learn the proper TECHNIQUES to drawing/using GESTURE drawing for studying the human figure.  Students will review the following terms:

  • Gesture
  • Centerline
  • Cross Contour
  • Asymmetry

Students will also be able to discuss the importance of the following figure drawing CONCEPTS:

  • What is gesture?
  • Quicksketch
  • Gesture is in everything
  • Gesture is most important
  • Tell a story
  • Longest axis
  • CSI
  • Simplify without losing the idea
  • Line of Action
  • Relaxed and tense curves
  • Movement of the spine
  • Gesture of the Limbs
  • Asymmetry of the body

Don't get overwhelmed with the amount of information this week.  While it looks like a lot at first, all of the talking points from the video actually run together extremely well.  As you work through this week's handout, be sure to practice from the Pose Packet and make sure that you finish this week's quiz.

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How to Draw Gesture

In this video you will learn more about the building blocks to create a more life-like figure drawing.

Week #3 How to Draw Gesture Handout

Be sure to print this handout as you follow through the video tutorial. Most of the information is on the video, however when working with your Pose Packet you'll want quick and easy access. Keep this in your binder as a study guide for our final.

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Gesture Drawing Pose Packet

Study each pose and work through each pose between 15 and 20 times each day. Label your poses to keep track of the time limit you’ve worked on each one to monitor your progress.

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