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Introduction to Globalization

Introduction to Globalization

Author: Mikaila Arthur

This tutorial provides a brief introduction to the idea of globalization, including the definition of globalization, the history of globalization, and contemporary debates about the merits and consequences of globalization.

This brief video summarizes social science definitions of globalization and provides an overview of some central conflicts and controversies in debates about globalization.

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This video provides a brief overview of the concept of globalization.

Further Learning

For further learning, watch the PBS Independent Lens film "T-Shirt Travels." After you finish watching, consider the following questions.

1) Look at all the clothes you are wearing (don't forget shoes and undergarments). Where are they all made? What does that tell you about globalization?

2) What was the most surprising thing in the film?

3) How does the situation depicted in the film shed light on the definitions of and/or controversies about globalization that you have learned about in this lesson?