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Introduction to Learning Management Systems

Introduction to Learning Management Systems


This lesson is an introduction to Learning Management Systems, explaining what they are and how they can be useful to teachers, parents, and students in the learning process.

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Classroom Instruction using an LMS

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Notes on "Introduction to Learning Management Systems"

(00:00-00:17) Intro

(00:18-00:34) Objectives

(00:35-03:12) LMS: What is it?

(03:13-07:31) LMS: What Can You Do With It?

(07:32-09:14) LMS Common Functions

(09:15-09:29) Review

(09:30-10:14) Reflection

Additional Resources

Edutech Wiki

This is an overview of what Learning Management Systems are and why teachers should use them in their instruction. If you do not have a district provided LMS, scroll down to see a linked list of open source LMS systems that you can use with classes.

Why Use a Learning Management System for ELearning?

This article by Matt Bury explains why you should use a learning management system, especially in a blended learning environment. In particular, the article investigates: coherently organized courses, appropriate types of roles for users, record keeping and management, more coherent communication, assessment tools, and integration with third party software and web services.