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Introduction to Limits

Introduction to Limits

Author: Leanne Lasnier

This tutorial consists of 2 videos.  The first is to give you a visual sense of the meaning of a limit in Calculus.  The second is to lead you through the notation and examples of problems from you textbook.  The first video, you need only watch.  The second video accompanies your notes outline and you need to fill in the outline as you take the notes.  Lastly, you are to complete a short questionnaire and submit your responses.  That will complete your homework assignment.  Happy learning!

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Assignment description

Your assignment is to watch the video by Professor Burger as well as my video on 2.1 part 1, then fill out the online Google Form at the bottom of the page.  The notes will be worth 5 points and the Google Form will be worth an additional 5 points.

Introduction to the notion of a limit by Professor Burger

2.1 notes part 1

To view this video better, click on the YouTube link at the bottom and it will take you directly to YouTube which is where the video was originally posted.

Google Form 2.1 Part 1