Introduction to Limits

Introduction to Limits


The student will be able to

  • use Limit notation
  • use left and right limit notation
  • determine the left and right limit using a graph
  • state the types of discontinuities

Limit Introduction Lesson for Pre-Calculus  Honors

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Limits Introduction

Part One:
Limit Notation
Difference Between a Value and Limit

Part Two: Continuation - Types of Discontinuities

Continuation of the types of discontinuities and why they fail the formal definition of continuity.

Part Three: Using Limit Notation

Practice reading limits & values from a piecewise graphs and identifying discontinuities.

Part Four: Left & Right Limits

Left and Right Limit notation. Determining Left and Right Limits from a graph.

Part Five: End of Left & Right Limit Practice

Final examples for Left & Right Limits