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Introduction to Modernism: Part II (Art)

Introduction to Modernism: Part II (Art)

Author: Kristy Kruse

To understand the beginnings of Modernism and how it differed from previous movements.

By viewing art from the late 1800's and early 1900's, students will begin to learn about the origins of Modernism and what was important to Modernist artists.

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Earlier Art

View the paintings below from the late 1800's.  Note the colors used, images portrayed and general subject of the paintings. What do you notice?  What is similar amongst the paintings?  (Be ready to discuss again).

Modernist Art

Okay, now that you've seen some of the art that preceded Modernism, it is time to look at some examples of Modernism.  You should recognize the name Pablo PIcasso (I hope!).  Here are some of his paintings along with others who are considered Modern artists.  Again, what do you notice? Be ready to discuss the differences from the earlier art and your expectations of Modernism.

(Check the dates to be sure they are pre 1940)