Introduction to Names and Drawings

Introduction to Names and Drawings

Author: carolyn fruin

Learning Targets:

  • I know a hydrocarbon is a compound that contains hydrogen and carbon and are called organic molecules.
  • I know carbon can have a maximum of 4 bonds.
  • I can name basic alkanes, alkenes and alkynes.
  • I can draw structures for basic organic compounds.
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Introduction to Organic Compounds

View this power point along with the student guide that can be downloaded below. This should be a guide as you start to draw and name basic organic compounds.

Introduction to Organic Compounds Student Guide

Use this study guide as you view the power point. Attempt to solve the examples before going on.

Full Screen

Cornell Notes - Organic Chemistry

This is a summary, including prefix tables, on how to name or draw basic alkanes, alkenes and alkynes.

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Source: adapted from Bigler.com