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Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Author: Lilian Dyer

To learn some programming skills using C# and Object Oriented Design.

We are interested in having our kids write a game program in C# by the end of this course. These packets will mainly contain explanations and hopefully enough code samples to get them started.

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The Object Oriented Paradigm

Everything is focused on objects. What are objects?  Objects can be defined as things that are responsible for themselves. 

  • An object knows what type it is
  • An object has data that allows it to know what state it is in (data can be numbers, characters, strings or other objects)
  • An object has code that allows it to do what it is supposed to do

When looking at a problem you could find the objects by looking for the nouns; the things or people who perform an action.  The actions or verbs could later become the functions these objects should perform.