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Introduction to Pathology for Health Sciences

Introduction to Pathology for Health Sciences

Author: Mohd Izuan

(1) know the basic terminology in the pathology

(2) relate some common pathologies to diagnostic and therapeutic radiography fields

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Introduction to Pathophysiology

This video focus on introduction to pathology subject that suitable for everyone in health science field.

Source: YouTube

Radiographic Pathology

this slideshow introduce the pathology basic concept and terminology specifically for diagnostic radiographer or therapeutic radiographer.

Source: SlideShare

free Mobile App (android), 4.41 mb

(1) Pathology Notes + MCQ [android]


Useful for medical students for basic science examinations, professionals, nurses, paramedics, etc
Multiple Choice Questions from Pathology, Arranged Chapter-wise.
Solving Questions can not only help you keep updated on various clinical fronts but also is immensely helpful to prepare for various medical entrance exams
Offline app.


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