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Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy

Author: Glenn Kuehn

In this lesson, students will learn about philosophy and its characteristics.

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Source: image of Socrates, Creative Commons, http://bit.ly/29ZntMM

Notes on "Introduction to Philosophy"

(00:00 - 00:45) Introduction and Objectives

(00:46 - 01:59) Origin and Definition of Philosophy 

(02:00 - 03:34) Examples of Philosophy Going Beyond Empiricism 

(03:35 - 05:06) Philosophical Topics and Questions 

(05:07 - 06:08) Aspects of Philosophical Thinking 

(06:09 - 08:04) Examples of Philosophical Thinking 

(08:05 - 09:15) Dogmatism and Rhetoric 

(09:16 - 09:46) Summary

  • Philosophy

    The pursuit of truths that cannot be wholly determined empirically