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Introduction to Popular Culture

Introduction to Popular Culture

Author: Julie Brumwell

During this tutorial you will begin to develop and understanding of the term popular culture.

Read through the information throughout this page and complete the quiz to test your understanding of popular culture.

1. Read through the summary

2. Read through the PowerPoint

3. Complete the five question quiz

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So what is popular culture?

The meaning and nature of popular culture

There are many different definitions of popular culture. Popular culture changes constantly, evolves over time and is influenced by both creators of culture and its audience. Popular culture involves music, film, television, sport and other forms of entertainment.

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What is Popular Culture?


Popular — regarded with favour or approval by associates, acquaintances, the general public.

Culture — a particular state or stage of civilisation, as in the case of a certain nation or period.

Popular culture — the types of entertainment that most people in a society enjoy, for example films, television programmes and popular music.

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