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Introduction to Problem Based Learning Strategies

Introduction to Problem Based Learning Strategies

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson students will learn Problem Based Learning Strategies in a 21st Century Classroom

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Designing for the 21st Century Classroom

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Notes on "Introduction to Problem Based Learning Strategies"


(00:00-00:15) Introduction and Essential Questions

(00:16-00:46) PBL Defined

(00:47-01:42) What Does the PBL Classroom Include?

 (01:43-03:37) Extended Example

 (03:37-03:55) Reflection

(03:56-04:33) Conclusion

Additional Resources

Problem-Based Learning for the 21st Century Classroom

This ASCD video offers an example of student collaboration and technology integration for the purpose of solving an authentic problem.

Watch Problem Based Learning in Action: Apollo 13

Educator Peter Pappas provides a practical demonstration of Problem Based Learning using a video clip from Apollo 13. He stresses the need to develop flexible learners who are able to solve new problems when they are confronted with unexpected issues.

Buck Institute

Website for one of the leaders in Project Based Learning with videos, resources, curriculum and planning tools for teachers. Select your role at the top of the page to find resources and support connected to your Project Based Learning needs. The video section of the resource tab provides excellent tools to learn about PBL and see it in action in classrooms.

Buck Institute's Project Based Learning Community on Google 

A great resource where educators can share best practices and answer questions about problem based learning. This is an excellent site for virtual collaboration and planning as you move toward implementing project based learning in your classroom.