Introduction to Ratios

Introduction to Ratios


At the end of this lesson, students will learn how to compare data using ratios and use the 3 different notations.

6.1 The student will describe and compare data, using ratios, and will use appropriate notations, such as:

a to b, a:b, a/b

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Introduction to Ratios Foundational Teaching

Please download the notes page first. This video will walk you through the 3 ways to write ratios and the 4 ways to compare data as ratios. When this video is done:
1. Summarize the video
2. Write one (1) question about the video

Slides from Video

To review at any point, you can watch the video again or go through the slides at your own pace.

Introduction to Ratios Notes Page

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Video Review

Please answer the following questions about the video "Introduction to Ratios"