Introduction to Rotational Motion

Introduction to Rotational Motion

Author: Felix Olsson
  • State the definition of angular displacement, angular velocity and angular acceleration of a rotating rigid body.
  • Relate these rotational quantities to the translational motion of a point on the rigid body.
  • Apply the kinematic equations for rotational motion to problems involving uniform angular acceleration.

This tutorial goes over the basic definitions for rotational motion. It relates to the first part of the rotational motion section of the notes.

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Angular Displacement

This video goes over the definition of angular displacement and reviews the concept of the radian as a measure of angular displacement. (Notes p33)

Source: Felix Olsson

Useful links on this concept

Source: Doc Schuster

Angular Velocity and Angular Acceleration

This video relates the concept of angular displacement to the concepts of angular velocity and acceleration. (Notes p34)

Source: Felix Olsson

Relating Rotational Motion to Translational Motion

In this video, the new rotational concepts are related to the translational motion of a point on a rigid rotating body. (Notes p34-35)

Source: Felix Olsson

Worked Examples: Uniformly Accelerated Rotational Motion

The kinematic equations provided on page 35 apply to situations involving a uniform angular acceleration. This video goes over an example of how these are applied.

Source: Felix Olsson

More Worked Examples

Attempt these worked examples (Notes p36, "Homework Exercises") yourself before watching my solutions.

Source: Felix OIsson