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Introduction To Set Theory

Introduction To Set Theory

Author: c o

To introduce the fundamental concepts and common notations used in set theory.

We cover some of the basics of set theory in two short videos.

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Cropping Up Everywhere

Set theory is one of those topics that seems to crop up everywhere in mathematics, and so it is important that you know something about it.  Set theory plays a leading role in mathematics subjects like statistics, calculus, combinatorics, analysis, algebra, topology, and almost any other branch of math that you can name.  It is at the heart of not only mathematics, but also of logic and philosophy.

This packet aims to equip you with a basic literacy in set theory.  By the end you should know what a set is, how to combine sets in different ways, to reason with sets in a very general way.

Definition and Operations

This video defines a set, and defines set union, intersection, difference, and the concept of a subset.

More Fundamentals

We define symmetric difference, equality of sets, cardinality, cartesian products, and complementary sets.