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Introduction to Skeletal Anatomy

Introduction to Skeletal Anatomy

Author: Jesse Rasmussen

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to demonstrate basic understanding of skeletal anatomy by identifying types of bones in the human skeleton. 

By the end of the week, students will demonstrate their understanding by creating a "explain everything" video of the skeletal anatomy and share that video with the rest of the class. 

This lesson will cover: 

  • Overview of the skeletal system
  • The functions of the skeletal system
  • The difference between the axial and appendicular skeleton
  • Types of bones in the human skeleton


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This video will give a general overview of the skeletal system as well as the 2 major parts of skeletal anatomy.

Source: Created by Jesse Rasmussen using Camtasia for PC

Introduction to Skeletal Anatomy

Source: Created by Jesse Rasmussen using Powerpoint for PC

Lesson Summary

ExplainEverything mastery assignment

Now that you have been introduced to the skeletal system, you will create an "explaineverything" video demonstrating your understanding of these concepts.

Your video must include:

  • An explanation of the functions of the skeletal system
  • An introduction on the 2 different skeletal systems
  • An overview on the 4 types of bones

When completed you will e-mail your video to me.