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Introduction to


In this tutorial you will be able to review the two videos we watched in class; 1) SOPHIA Introduction video and 2) Cornell Note taking 5R's. You will be able to complete the Sample Interactive Homework.

You may re-watch the videos to review information at any time this school year. Complete Sample Interactive Homework at the end.

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SOPHIA Introduction Video

In this video you will experience an Interactive tour of the website. Two young students will guide you through setting up your own account, and participating in a Group for Algebra I at AHS. Just a reminder our Group Name is "Knot Your Average Theory", and Group Access Code is "3bb726". email or send a message through Instagram @camillestars1 with any questions.

Cornell Notes 5R's video

In this video you may review the 5R's for Cornell note taking at any time throughout the school year. Remember! You are expected to take Cornell Notes for each Tutorial viewed on, or out of the HOLT Algebra I Textbook before attending class the following day.


Complete by the end of class today