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Introduction to the Coordinate Plane!

Introduction to the Coordinate Plane!

Author: Justin Owens

Lesson Objectives:  Demonstrate understanding and use of the Number Line by Drawing and labeling the number line.Students will identify positive and negative numbers (Integers), Draw and label a graph, origin, x and y axis, and Locate and Plot points on the graph.


This tutorial seeks to give middle school students (6th Grade) an introductory lesson to the coordinate plane.  This lesson is the first in a series that will serve as a review of topics with which they should already be familiar. It will accomplish this by first briefly reviewing the following topics:  The Number Line, Negative and Positive Numbers (Integers), x and y axis, origin, and Locating and Plotting Points on a graph (in Quadrant one). Students will be responsible for taking notes during the lesson and completing a quiz.

In the lessons that follow, Students will then learn about the entire Coordinate Plane, its Quadrants, points, and it's axis. Students will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of these concepts and vocabulary by Drawing and labeling their own Coordinate Plane and show that they understand how to locate and plot points on the Coordinate Plane. They will also be asked to take notes on vocabulary, summarize what they have learned, pose a question that they have or think someone else has about these topics and complete a short quiz.

These activities are geared towards helping students be prepared for class discussion on these topics tomorrow in class, and the activities that will help the gain a deeper understanding in the classroom.


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Introductory Coordinate Plane Video

This is quick and fun intro video to the use of the Coordinate Plane. You have probably used the Coordinate Plane and didn't even know it! Check out Battle Ship!

Intro Coordinate Plane: Review Number Lines and Plotting Points

This video serves as a review of Number Lines, Graphs, Plotting and Locating points on a graph, x and y axis, and ordered pairs. This video Lesson will be followed by lessons that cover Coordinate Plane, Quadrants, origin, plotting and locating points in all quadrants.

Intro to Coordinate Plane Lesson Summary

After you have completed the videos, notes, and quiz, fill out this form and submit before returning to class. This will indicate to me that you have completed your homework.

Review of Number Lines, Axis Origins and Points

This presentation follows the review video where students Review the Number Line, Axis, Origin, and how to locate points on a graph.