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Introduction to the flipped class

Introduction to the flipped class


By the end of this tutorial you will be able to

1. Answer questions about how our class will operate.

2. Create the requested online accounts.

3. Identify three student responsibilities in our class on the Edmodo response page.

This tutorial is designed to give my students and their parents/guardians an introduction to how a flipped class will function.  It will clearly outline the student and teacher roles and responsibilities and the clear advantages to everyone involved.  Please join me on this exciting journey into Chemistry 1-2 via the flipped classroom!

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What is a flipped classroom?

This tutorial will help to explain the flipped classroom model, will outline how to sign up for various technology accounts we will use this year and will provide you with tips to help you be successful this year.

Source: Created and Recorded by Catherine Gammage, using Camtasia Studio, SMART notebook