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Introduction to US Involvement in WWII

Introduction to US Involvement in WWII

Author: Jerome Dunson

SSUSH19: Identify the origins, major developments, and the domestic impact of World War II, especially the growth of the federal government.




a. Explain A. Philip Randolph’s proposed march on Washington, D.C., and President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s response.

b. Explain the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the internment of Japanese- Americans, German-Americans, and Italian-Americans.

c. Explain major events; include the lend-lease program, the Battle of Midway, D-Day, and the fall of Berlin.

d. Describe war mobilization, as indicated by rationing, war-time conversion, and the role of women in war industries.

e. Describe the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos and the scientific, economic, and military implications of developing the atomic bomb.

f. Compare the geographic locations of the European Theater and the Pacific Theater and the difficulties the U.S. faced in delivering weapons, food, and medical supplies to troops.

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1) Watch the video "America Enters WWII" and think about the cause/effect of the US becoming involved in WWII.

2) Analyze images of the Pearl Harbor Attack are provided in a link below, review those as well, and think about the social and political climate created in the US.

3) Review the "America: Story of Us" and Answer the questions provided in the information.

4) Take the short quiz provided on the tutorial.

5) Prepare for the next class discussion and List any questions for discussion in class.



America Enters World War II


US Involvement in WWII