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Introduction to Verbs

Introduction to Verbs

Author: Brittney Lyon
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Action Verb Chart

Source: Google Images


Source: Google Images

Introduction to Verbs

This video demonstrates that there are different kinds of verbs.

Source: Youtube

Past Tense Verbs

This video demonstrates how verbs are used in past tense.

Source: Youtube

The Verb

Source: Robin L. Simmons



Watch- Students must watch the video for the assigned lesson and take notes.

Summarize- Students have to write a summary of what they watched in the video. Please write down key points tp fully understand. Tomorrow in class I will check to see that these notes are complete and thorough.

Question- Please write down a question that you have about verbs. Maybe about a question you have relating to the video or something you were confused about. Please bring it to class tomorrow so we can discuss the question. 

How verbs are beneficial

Verbs are a necessary component to forming a sentence. That is why tonight we watched videos going over different types of verbs. Tomorrow we will go over any questions you have about verbs in class and do an activity involving different verbs on the board. I will ask you to go to the board and circle the verbs. Be prepared to answer questions about the video clips and websites I have added to this tutorial. See you all tomorrow!