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Introduction - What Data? Why Data?

Introduction - What Data? Why Data?

Author: carolyn fruin

Upon completion of all tutorials in this playlist, Professional Development - Instructional Data using Digital Formative Assessment Tools, you will have addressed the following objectives:

  1. Develop a growth mindset around using data and understand why data is important.
  2. Gain an understanding of what formative assessment is and how to best use it.
  3. Learn how to find a variety of digital tools that provide data on student learning.
  4. Experience a system that provides various data sets and what the data means.
  5. Develop a goal focusing on the use of instructional technology with regard to collecting and analyzing date to improve student learning.

All tutorials have a Q and A section at the bottom of the page where you are able to interact with others taking this professional development. Feel free to ask questions, make comments and provide links to other helpful materials.

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Why is Data Important?

Sherman Elementary in Rhode Island shows how the effective use of data by a school community—including teachers, principal, and other school-based staff—can lead to improved academic performance.

The Key to Educational Improvement: Data and How We Use It