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Author: Ms. K
This lesson introduces introductions.
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There are many styles of introductions, but they all have three general components in common, usually in this order.

  1. Motivator – gets your audience interested in reading the rest of the essay
  2. Thesis – recaps the entire paper, letting your audience know what the essay is about
  3. Blueprint – states the major areas the paper will cover in order to prove the thesis to let your audience know the direction your essay will take.



This is a sample of a simple, but perfectly decent introduction. If you are writing a paper other than your master's thesis, this type of introduction is perfect.


If you are writing a scientific or research-based paper your introduction might include

  • A summary of the previous work done on the topic in an effort to help your read get up-to-speed on what has been going on in your field of research.
  • A statement of why this study is of interest to the scientific community as part of the motivator.
  • A definition of necessary terms or concepts in order to be sure that your audience knows what you will be discussing for the rest of the paper.
  • A hypothesis of where you expect your research to take you so that your audience knows what you intended to prove even if that is not what you conclude.
  • A definition of the scope of your paper to reveal how you accomplished your study.

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