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2 Tutorials that teach Investigating your district's policies on technology.
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Investigating your district's policies on technology.

Investigating your district's policies on technology.


In this lesson, you will apply your school's and district's policies to the classroom use of technology.

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Investigating Your District's Policies on Technology

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Notes on "Investigating Your District's Policies on Technology"

(00:00-00:22) Intro

(00:23-00:48) Objectives

(00:49-01:49) CIPA Requirements

(01:50-04:57) Best Practices

(04:58-09:31) Investigating a Sample AUP

(09:32-09:55) Review

(09:56-10:39) Reflection

Additional Resources

Acceptable Use Policy Considerations for Districts

This site provides an overview of acceptable use requirements and guidelines for districts from the Kentucky Department of Education. This site supports district decision making in developing an acceptable use policy that is in compliance with federal laws and regulations.

K12 Blue Print

This is a really comprehensive resource that provides examples and templates for district technology plans and acceptable use policies. There is a toolkit and template available for districts as they plan the following: acceptable use; technology plan; Flipped Classroom Policy; Policy Presentations for School Boards; Policy Presentations for Administrators; Policy Presentation for Teachers; and Policy Presentation for Parents. If you are increasing technology use in your district, this toolkit walks you through the process and provides you useful templates for your planning.