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Investigation 2: The Interior of the Earth  - Wave Properties

Investigation 2: The Interior of the Earth - Wave Properties

Author: Kristin Burrus

1. At the end of this unit, the student will be able to explain how earthquakes are used to provide evidence about the earth's interior.

2. At the end of this lesson, the student will be able to describe the composition of a wave, properties of various seismic waves (P&S), wave speed, and refraction.  

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Waves Note-taking guide (graphic organizer)

A. Complete the note-taking guide as you watch the video. Be prepared to share this in class and take a short quiz on the material from the lesson.

B. Then complete the WSQ (wisk) online. You will find the form after the video.
1. Watch
2. Summarize the main points
3. Questions


Waves mini-lesson

Source: Screen cast by Kristin Knight

Waves WSQ online

After watching the lesson, fill out this form to receive credit for watching. We will review these answers in class. If the embedded object below does not work you can go to this link to fill out the WSQ (link coming soon)

Source: Google forms created by Kristin Burrus

Refraction of waves


Doc Physics - Intro to Refraction, or, Why did that marching band just turn?

Source: You Tube