Ionisation Energy

Ionisation Energy

Author: Dr Wainwright

Define first ionisation energy and successive ionisation energies

Explain the factors that influence ionisation energies

Predict the number of electrons in each shell as well as the elements group, using successive ionisation energies

AQA AS Ionisation Energy and Trends

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Use the resources below and / or the official textbook (pages 17-19) to make a page of A4 notes on ionisation energy.

Ionisation Energy Keypoints

All the key facts that you need to know.

E Rintuols Video on Ionisation Energy

Introduction to Ionisation energies.

Khan Academy Videos

Not exam board specific but it covers the major points about the trends in ionisation energy.

Richard Thornleys Ionisation Energy Video

How ionisation energy levels give evidence for sublevels.

Richard Thornleys Second Video

Successive Ionisation Energies