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iPad Classroom Management

iPad Classroom Management

Author: Brad Moser
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Want to learn more about innovation with iPads in the classroom? This tutorial will take you though some iPad classrooms and management ideas. You will also be able to get some ideas of great apps to use for your own class.

There are many apps and ideas being shared out me check out #edtech in Twitter to get an idea. This is a tutorial to discuss some strategies to utilize iPads in the classroom. 

Look into an iPad Classroom

Look into an iPad Classroom

Source: Youtube

21st Century Classroom Overview

View this Voicethread and make a response using of something you agree with and something disagree with. Share your insight.

Teacher Expectations

Use this document to record your answers to the following situations where you as a teacher need to have a plan or an expectation about using iPads. If you can be clear about your expectations, then both you and your students, will not have questions about using devices to complete work. Also, students can then focus on work and not on questioning if they are breaking a class rule.

You can also Make of Copy of the Google Doc - href="


Source: Brad Moser

Teacher iPad Expectations

Make a Copy of the Teacher iPad Expectations 

Source: Brad Moser

Anchor Projects

One of the best ways to maintain some structure in your classroom is to organize and facilitate anchor projects. These are projects that tie everything together. They are standards based projects that can't be completed in only a few sittings. These are projects that might run the whole semester. It should be something that students can create on their own with little guidance. They should take ownership. 

After a student is completed with the daily task they can then work on the anchor project rather than just playing that game.

Here are some screen shots of Physics Reflection Portfolios that my students created for their anchor projects. We used Google Sites to host the content, but there are other options more suitable for iPads. 




Source: Brad Moser

Think about it...

Now that you have watched examples, shared and discussed with colleagues about anchor projects, it's time to work on your own. List ideas and themes for your up coming units and determine a good project for your students. 

Browse the internet searching for other projects already created. Check out twitter and see if you can find some resources. Then make a plan and act. 

Your idea might be exactly what your students need to inspire them along their learning journey.