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iPads aRe tAking oVer

iPads aRe tAking oVer

Author: Tracey Witte

Teachers will be able to identify and locate the physical features of the iPad. They will know how to turn the device on/off and to sleep.

Teachers will understand the  basic settings found in the settings app and apply appropriate changes to their iPad based on their teaching needs.

Teachers will be able to use their  iTunes account to download an app.

Teachers will learn about the basic features of the pre-installed apps.

Teachers will explore examples of instructional strategies using the iPad and begin designing lessons that incorporate the iPad.

Teachers will be able to access and use PowerTeacher from the iPad and demonstrate the ability to create website shortcuts to the home screen.

Teachers will be able to create assignments and enter grades using the iPad.

Teachers will set up and use their Gmail accounts, Google Documents and Calendar.

Teachers will demonstrate use of iTunes University.

Teachers will be able to create videos.

Teachers will be able to take pictures with iPads.

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