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iPads In The Classroom

iPads In The Classroom

Author: Neetu Mayeux
  • Provide guidance in implementing the iPad in the traditional classroom setting
  • Demonstrate how iPads can revolutionize the methods of teaching
  • Show advantages of having iPads in the classroom

Education and iPads are being used simultaneously in the same sentence all over the world today. iPads have changed the way educators are teaching in the classroom. iPads are bringing about opportunities for educators to teach lessons in a whole new light. Students have a vast number of possible free applications for download to help them gain a better comprehension of topics in class. The integration of iPads in the classroom will only be as successful as the educator’s knowledge of how to apply the iPad technology in the classroom. Many teachers are taking workshops in order to learn how to use iPads in the classroom settings. This packet gives educators some insight to the free resources available on the Internet relating to iPads.

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Websites For Educators Interested In The iPad

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Implementing iPads In Classroom

Please click on the picture to watch a video of a teacher implementing iPads in the classroom.

Educator Training

Educators need training on the use and implementation of iPads. Previously listed sites will help educators discover how useful these devices can be. Discover and explore!

Going Green

iPads can eliminate the need for most textbooks, therefore saving paper and $$$.


At One's Fingertips

iPads make anything available by the simple click of a button.  The utility of the available free apps are only limited by one's own imagination.




Free Apps

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