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iPads in the Primary Grades

iPads in the Primary Grades

Author: Brad Welch

To start the iPad conversation! 

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iPads in the Primary Classroom 11/5/13


1. Please read this article to gain an understanding of what bringing a set of iPads into your primary classroom is going to look like. 


2. Please review the links below that have been designated for your grade level and make a list of the iPad apps you may be interested in trying. 


3. We will meet on Wednesday during CPT to discuss your findings, and answer any questions. Please try to bring at least 2 or 3 apps to our Wednesday morning meeting.There will be in-depth iPad training in the near future. 


Apps for:


1st Grade

2nd Grade

*Also check the PDF below for more ideas!

How to search and download apps

iPad Booklet

This PDF breaks down iPad apps by subject level, grade level, and cost. It also describes the app that is used so you can get an understanding of the app before downloading.