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IR/SER, VER, DAR, HACER and "y" third person verbs

IR/SER, VER, DAR, HACER and "y" third person verbs

Author: Melissa Schenck
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Verbs that go "I" to "Y" in the third person preterit forms

Very quick video about the verbs like "leer", "creer", "oir" and "caer(se)" (this last one is not mentioned in the video but is great to know!)

Please take notes as the videos play 1) so that you have them later and 2) for back-up proof that you watched the tutorials!

Be sure to fill out the form below after having watched this short video and the one that follows it.

Source: senorbelles/ YouTube

Preterit of the irregular verbs dar, hacer, ir, and ser

This video reviews the irregular preterit forms verbs IR & SER (which we've seen before), HACER, DAR and VER.

Please take notes!

Source: DGSSpanishMontero/ Youtube

Form for "Preterit of dar, ver, ir, ser and hacer" and "i-y" verbs" Tutorial

Please fill out the following document once you have watched the two videos above. You should also take notes on the videos themselves.

If you are for some reason unable to see the document or if you cannot fill it out, please email me and I can send you a copy.

Source: melissa schenck/google drive