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Is Card Counting Still Relevant?

Is Card Counting Still Relevant?

Author: Ruby Seddon

Today you are going to learn all about card counting. What is it and should you master this skill? A while back it was an extremely successful method that could help you boost deposit and winnings. Obviously it cannot be used on slots with free spins. Anyway, the time is right to answer should you become a professional card counter-question.

What is Card Counting?

It is a skill used by professional gamblers to determine using statistics and odds which card is going to be revealed next. It is most commonly used for Blackjack and similar games. Keep in mind that you can use blackjack basic strategy which is much easier, but can be less effective than the counting skills we are defining here.

When a player knows the next card, he can place a higher bet and win more. Also, when he knows that the next card isn’t desirable, he can place a lower bet and lose less. Card counting was extremely appealing in Las Vegas in the 60s and 70s. Today, not so much. Casinos are using various techniques to make this impossible.

Yes, you can use card counting at an online casino as well. However, they use CSM or continuous shuffle machines
to make this extremely hard. Even live Blackjack game a dealer will shuffle the decks in the middle of a game to make this impossible. Of course, this mater cannot be generalized and there are countless variations and sites to test out. We do know that most online gambling sites are using or planning of adding card counting prevention methods. To be sure that the real money casino website uses a random number generator and does not try to deceive you, you need to use only legal services. To find this you should read reviews at the LeafLetCasino. This will help both novice and experienced players. The situation is the same when it comes to mortar online casinos across the world.

Should You Master Card Counting?

Those gamblers who like gambling (all of them) and to play Blackjack game may find card counting extremely desirable. If you are one of them, should you master this skill and boost your money winnings? The answer is maybe.

First of all, casinos use cameras, personnel, dealers, special software that measures reactions and odds to make sure this skill isn’t used. Secondly, most players using this method lose money despite this skill. As a matter of fact, casinos love card counters who believe they are better than the casino. If you are planning to use it online, odds are low that this skill will be successful.

On the other hand, learning this skill can be interesting. A player may master games played at casino tables and can use it at casinos that do not use advanced protection or systems to prevent this. This can be fruitful at your local casino. Also, there are some tips and tricks a player can use to avoid detection. One way or another, card counting cannot harm your gambling. You can use it at certain points and situations, when useful for making small profits or to become the best player at a table.

Card counting isn’t reserved for people with IQ or 220. It is a complicated skill that can be learned
by all players. There are certain rules you must follow and a lot of practice. Once ready, a player can place a bet with more confidence, enjoy better odds, and in some situations win more. In simple terms, a player has a theoretical advantage when he understands card counting perfectly. It might be helpful, simply said.


Card counting is a skill used by some, professional players to place a right bet at right time and maximize winnings. It is one of those skills gamblers can master when they invest plenty of time and can use it in certain situations, not all. It isn’t a skill that will help you win millions instantly. Those who want to learn it and master it need to invest plenty of time and to use it carefully.

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