Is Youth Unemployment Unavoidable for me?

Is Youth Unemployment Unavoidable for me?

Author: Janet Colledge

—To consider the likelihood that you might be unemployed at some point in the years between leaving school and your 25th birthday.
—To compile a list of 5 skills that you might need to prove you have at interview
—To identify 3 key skills that most employers would require for most jobs

Youth unemployment is endemic and a way of life in many countries. Should pupils accept it as inevitible or do what they can to minimise it's likelihood.


This lesson also gives a simple introduction to Labour Market Information (LMI) and it's value to school, college and university graduates.

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I won't be unemployed will I?

Main homework assignment Powerpoint but no audio narration

I won't be unemployed will I? Worksheet

Double sided pdf worksheet designed to be filled in by hand in the lesson

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Teachers notes

This lesson is designed to-

  • Promote discussion about career aspirations
  • Raise awareness of labour market information
  • Raise awareness of recruitment proceedure.


Suggested resources

  • Local newspapers,
  • Job sites
  • Student & University websites

Differentiation can be by grouping or support along with direction of sources.

Basic Employability Skills Info Sheet

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I won't be unemployed, will I?

Video, with narration of powerpoint