ISSC 640 Week 8 Quiz

ISSC 640 Week 8 Quiz

Author: Trudy Webb


Which of the following protocols is used by a browser when it accesses a homepage on a server?
The Internet protocol that allows an application program on machine I to send a datagram to an application program on machine II is:
The Network ID in the IP address is:
Newton discovered a mathematical method that allows a communication receiver to decompose a composite signal into constituent parts
If the maximum frequency audible to a human ear is 20,000 Hertz, at what rate must the analog signal from a microphone be sampled when converting it to digital?
UTP CAT 5 networking cable uses twisted copper wires to:
If messages are sent from France to the US using a GEO satellite, the time it will take for a message to be sent and a reply to be received back is:
The basic channel coding scheme used in the Internet protocols is:
Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) is a combination of:
How many DS-0 digital phone channels are carried in DS-4 digital channel?
The ADSL data signal and the POTS voice signal cannot be transmitted on the same telephone wires simultaneously
WiMax is standardized by:
Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) is basically the same thing as Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)
The IEEE 802 group is concerned with the standardization of protocols in the following OSI layers:
The access method used in wireless LANs is:
1000BASE-T is also known as Fast Ethernet
Which generation of cellular technology is EGPRS?
A device separates a single network into two segments but lets the two segments appear as one to higher protocols is called:
RTP sits between IP layer and TCP layer
BGP is a routing protocol that operates within an autonomous system (in the Internet)

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