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ITC 3450 Unit 1 Assessment

ITC 3450 Unit 1 Assessment

Author: l marshall

The Ethernet system of sharing a common bus requires:
A single Ethernet frame can carry a maximum of __________ bytes.
Hubs, switches, and other 10/100baseT equipment are connected using __________ cabling.
The IEEE Ethernet LAN standard is also called __________.
What is the prescribed maximum number of repeaters that can be used on an Ethernet LAN?
A Network Access Point (NAP) provides a connection to:
A __________ is similar to a bridge but may have multiple ports.
Which of the following hardware components is a bandwidth hog?
Two forms of carrier modulation used in analog communication are:
The Ethernet NIC is responsible for operations that take place in the __________ layer of the OSI reference model.

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