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ITC 3450 Unit 6 Assessment

ITC 3450 Unit 6 Assessment

Author: l marshall

VoIP phones use __________ for communication.

There are several different video file types, with each identified by its extension. __________ is NOT a video file type.

__________ is a programming language created by Sun Microsystems.

__________ is the web server software most popular with Windows users.

IP multicasting uses the __________ protocol.

__________ files are often used to burn an audio CD-ROM.

__________ is a programming language used to perform client side processing on the web.

HTML 4 was reformulated according to the XML 1.0 specification into __________.

"Multicasting" refers to a data delivery technique that:

A video file must be played with the same _________ used to create the file.

Briefly discuss the functions of NAT, ICS, and WINS as well as their uses.

Compare the functions of Java and JavaScript. How does a Java applet differ from a JavaScript script?

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