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ITC 3450 Unit I Assignment

ITC 3450 Unit I Assignment

Author: l marshall

Describe the OSI Reference ModelList the seven layers of the OSI model. Number your paper from 7-1. Write the name of the layer next to the number to which it corresponds. Describe the function of each layer, purpose of each layer, and what hardware resides at each layer within at least one paragraph for each layer. Note that only the first four layers of the OSI model have hardware associated with them.Example: Layer 7. Application Layer – Tell me the function of, the purpose of, and what hardware, if any, resides at thislayer. Layer 6. Layer 5. Layer 4. Layer 3. Layer 2. Layer 1. Physical layer – Tell me the function of, the purpose of, and what hardware, if any, resides at this layer.This assignment must contain an introduction and a conclusion, be a minimum two-page paper, and be appropriately citedusing APA style writing.

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