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ITC 4150 Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation

ITC 4150 Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation

Author: l marshall

Your final presentation will be a PowerPoint slide show with at least 10 content slides, as well as any necessary slides to introduce the topic and list your references. Your presentation may be twice as long as the minimum. Be sure to keep your goal and audience in mind when deciding on the level of detail for this assignment. Your presentation should follow best practices and the standard guidelines for creating an effective presentation. There are many sources available on the Internet to help you with this if necessary. You should also include appropriate graphics and diagrams to explain the concepts. Your presentation should also be professional, so be sure to choose an appropriate theme and to be consistent with wording and tone throughout. You may also include sound in your presentation in the form of narration explaining the concepts of each slide. This narration would be similar to what you might say if you were making a presentation to a live audience

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