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ITC 4310 Unit VI Assignment

ITC 4310 Unit VI Assignment

Author: l marshall

Review your Web page design submitted in Units I and II and your final Web page submitted in Unit IV. Based on the new knowledge you have gained in Units V and VI and in building your site, how would you change your design? Write a 2-4 page paper describing how you would change or enhance your site if you “knew then what you know now”. Be sure to include an AP element, an image map, and Web form in your new design. Include any relevant screen captures or diagrams. Justify your choices.
Go to your favorite search engine. Type “Forms, Template”. Then select a form to work on, sketch its conversion into a Web form using a drawing tool. You may use any drawing software available to you, including the drawing tools of Word or PowerPoint. Specify where you can condense the form to fit on the screen and what types of form objects you will use to enable users to enter information currently on the printed form.

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