ITLAPD and Dialects

ITLAPD and Dialects

Author: Anna Beagle

1. Discover the history of dialects.

2. Identify why dialects develop.

3. Locate different American English dialect regions on a map.

4. Integrate cartography skills with cultural relevance/perceptions.

Using International Talk Like A Pirate Day as an impetus, students will learn how geography and culture influence their way of speaking.

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Presenting Pirates and Dialects

This is a cultural lesson to really just enjoy. Some ideas to spice up the tutorial are: wear a big hat with a feathery plume, use a pirate accent for the rest of the day, play pirate music in the background while going through the slide show presentation. International Talk Like a Pirate Day is the perfect time to consider the development of dialects and how those dialects may shape our perception's of other people.

Talk Like a Pirate: How Dialects are Formed

A three minute clip that gives a brief overview of how dialects are formed.

Source: Discovery News. Talk Like a Pirate:How Dialects are Formed. Youtube. Sept. 19, 2013.

Development of Dialects

Explains the difference between "accent" and "dialect". Provides a brief overview of why dialects develop and how those dialects might effect the way we are perceived.