It's vs. Its

It's vs. Its

Author: A.J. Meyer

It's a simple case of correct usage, but one that often tips a person's opinion of another person's attention to detail.

Using the correct "it's" (indicating the contracted "it is") and the correct "its" (indicating the possessive of 'it') will help you avoid losing that job because your resume has its share of mistakes.

Learn the correct use of "it's" and "its".

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It's vs. its - please pay attention and get it right.

I was perusing a few Sophia bios and I came across a user who says, "Born in California's San Francisco bay area and raised in it's central valley..."     


The incorrect usage of the word "it's" tipped my opinion of this user as an academic expert (of anything) toward the negative.

In this person's example, "It's" indicates the contracted form of "it is"  - effectively saying, "Born in California's San Francisco bay area and raised in it is central valley..."

Clearly that sounds ridiculous and I'm sure the user wouldn't actually say those words. However, when written, the usage was glossed over.

The correct usage for "it's and "its" is pretty easy to remember.

Indicating the possessive form of "it":

Correct: The timid woodland creature licked its injured paw.
Incorrect: The government needs to be mindful of it's budget deficit. 

Tip:  Whenever you write (or see) the contracted form of "it is" (it's) simply say the words "it is" out loud. If it sounds wrong, it is wrong.

Now YOU can go be an english/grammar snob on your friend's Facebook walls.   It's FUN !!

Remember: that little mark... you know the one... it looks like this ------->  '

What is it?  It's and apostrophe and it's used between "it" and "is" to shorten the word to it's.  Its usage is important.

One last thing...  its' (with the apostrophe after the 's') does not exist as a word in the English language.

This might help as well.