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Ivy League Universities: History and Prestige

Ivy League Universities: History and Prestige

Author: Doris Kirby

In selecting an institution for your tertiary education, the schools' academic track-record comes top on your list. However, factors like history, prestige, alumni references, extracurricular activities also come to play.

Sometimes, recommendations from friends and family do not do justice to the information needed in a school. To help you make a selection among these ivy league schools, let's take a tour of what they have to offer. Shall we?

Harvard University

Founded in 1636, Harvard University is, of course, the most prestigious university in the United States. As one of the leading Ivy League schools in the country, the institution has enrolled roughly 23,000 aspirants on average. Candidates would need writing aid from the best assignment services online for their essays at Harvard. You need to find a reliable review when looking for the best assignment writing service. This great citadel has produced notable alumni like Jerome Brumer, Lawrence H. Summers, John Harvard, Andrew Dickson White, and Charles William Elliott III.

Columbia University

This private tertiary institution is a citadel located in New York and the fifth-oldest in the United States. The university's motto "In thy light shall we see light" has helped numerous notable alumni navigate their lives in the real world. Initially established by King George II as King's College in 1784, the school was changed to Columbia College. The Orgo Night is one of the standing traditions of Columbia known among students across the globe.


Princeton is another ivy league university in the United States which was founded sometime in 1746. The institution provides undergraduates and postgraduate students with high-quality higher education in all areas. The 500-acres Princeton campus is a ground for advanced degree studies in engineering, social sciences, and others. In 1893, the popular "Honour Code" was established to guide scholars in maintaining the academic integrity policy.

The average cost of attendance is $70,900 at Princeton University, making it fair compared to other ivy league schools. As the fourth oldest tertiary institution in the US, Princeton has over 1,260 faculties. These faculties include visiting, part-time, and full-time students.

University Of Pennsylvania

Founded in 1740 by Benjamin Penn, the University of Pennsylvania has trained leaders in all life spheres. Young students aspiring to study at the college should expect to portray excellence in their academics. The institution has changed its name five times from Academy and charitable school (1751) to the university of the state of Pennsylvania in 1791. This private research school is nicknamed "Quakers" and famous for its motto; "Laws without morals are useless."


These ivy league schools are considered among the top best in America and globally. Aspiring candidates looking to get a high-quality education at a college with prestige and history should try them. Every one of these institutions offers undergraduates scholarships to help contribute to their academic success. Other schools like Dartmouth college are also in the business of providing young scholars with affordable tertiary education.

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